26 May 2023

Full-Time 1st Shift – Crane Operator – Bahrah

Noble Corporation – Posted by JobsTeam Bahrah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

The Crane Operator is in charge of rigging safety and the application of straps and other rigging to loads for crane or other material handling equipment transportation. Operators of cranes are directed. Move supplies and goods across the factory using an overhead crane.

Job Title : 1st Shift – Crane Operator
Location : Bahrah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 27.25 per hour.
Company : Noble Corporation
Job Type : Full-Time


  • This work requires you to procure and examine rigging, connect rigging to a load, verify travel path, blow whistle, signal crane operator, direct load to destination, place load, detach rigging, and return to storage rack.
  • You’ll need to be able to read and interpret instruction manuals and blueprints, drawings & specifications, as well as use mathematics to determine load weights, wire diameters, sheaves and fitting sizes.
  • You can monitor operations and make changes to the process using the control panel. All tasks are fulfilled in accordance with safety rules and laws, and general preventative maintenance is undertaken.
  • Inspects crane for damaged parts and reports any flaws or malfunctions to the supervisor. Keeps the crane and lifting mechanism clean and in working order.
  • Comprehend and adhere to all relevant company, customer, and health and safety policies, as well as any other applicable requirements, such as weight and size restrictions.
  • Examine the crane and cab, fill up inspection forms, operate the crane (4 hand levers, 1 foot brake), and complete steel orders by climbing a vertical ladder (to a height of 25 feet).
  • Chains, nylon slings, pallet lifters, magnets, vacuum lifters, Posi-turner, spreader bar, softeners, tape measure, hammer, punches, pliers, crescent wrench, and paint stick marker will be used.
  • Work with riggers and truck drivers to lift merchandise and other cargo using radio or visual signals and other kinds of communication.
  • When the responsibilities of the Crane Operator have been finished, and the workload for the principal job above has allowed, the work of a Rigger is performed.
  • Any and all difficulties are reported promptly, and the employee is capable of operating in any weather condition. Performs other obligations as directed by management.


  • This position needs the completion of a pre-employment physical examination and an annual physical examination afterward to ensure the continuous, essential level of physical health and ability or fitness to execute the responsibilities of the work.
  • Capacity to guarantee that all safety and housekeeping rules are observed, machine capacity is not exceeded, and all tools, supplies, and equipment are properly accounted for and secured at the end of each workday.
  • Experience operating heavy machinery for at least 1-2 years is required.
  • To operate a cab and bridge crane (or anything similar) from a height of 30 feet or higher and a span of 60 feet or more, you must have substantial previous expertise.
  • NCCCO or CIC certification is required. Medical card issued by the Department of Transportation. Safety Department, Equipment Manager, or Operations Manager certification or approval. As required by municipal law (DC requires operators to be licensed). The practical test must be passed.

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Job Categories: Crane Operator. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 23 days.

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