26 May 2023

Full-Time Concrete Laborer – Al Mahd

jouyll.com – Posted by JobsTeam Al Mahd, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

Tradesman that works with concrete by putting, finishing, and preserving and repairing it on building projects. Setting the concrete forms and making certain they have the right depth and pitch are the responsibilities of this individual. Using a concrete truck chute, a pump, a bucket, or a wheelbarrow, you may pour the concrete. Uses shovels and rakes to put the concrete and a straightedge to screed (or level) the newly laid concrete on top of the forms. A hand trowel, long-handed bull float, or motorized trowels are used to smooth the concrete once it is leveled. An edger is used by concrete finishers to create a chamfer around the concrete’s edges after it has been poured and floated. Outdoor concrete may be finished using a broom or a stamp after the trowel-finish has been applied. The broom and stamp finishes are both intended to prevent people from sliding on the pavement. It is essential to know how to create and complete a piece of head on curb and gutter.

Job Title : Concrete Laborer
Location : Al Mahd, Medina, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 24.89 per hour.
Company : jouyll.com
Job Type : Full-Time


  • You may either give the information to someone else or keep it for yourself.
  • The Concrete Finisher’s job is to operate equipment and conduct manual labor tasks related to producing/finishing concrete areas and aiding with other Public Works projects.
  • In order to restore concrete surfaces, cementitious materials such as sand and colored sand are used.
  • Vibratory machine used to squeeze concrete into smaller and smaller spaces Anchor bolts and steel plates are put into newly poured concrete before it is finished. A sponge rubber float or burlap may be used as a covering.
  • Inspection and maintenance of machinery to ensure it is in good working order; monitoring of machinery activities to ensure their efficiency and safety; notification of machinery failures.
  • Individuals that operate in this field use a variety of various pieces of equipment, apparatus, and tools. Among them are a dump truck, a front-end loader, a backhoe, a tamping machine, a cement mixer, an air compressor, a jackhammer, a concrete saw, a mallet, a shovel, a rake, and an axe. Concrete implements, concrete forms, and so on.
  • A fresh concrete slab’s top surface may be leveled on a floor, wall, ceiling, or even a sidewalk. Hardening and sealing compounds are used on the concrete’s surface to cure it.
  • Responds to requests for service and information from employees, officials, the public, and other individuals via telephone and/or two-way radio; provides information; takes and relays messages; and responds to requests for service and information from employees, officials, the public, and other individuals.
  • Checks that forms have been produced properly before setting and aligning them; if they haven’t, they’re changed until they fit the appropriate criteria.
  • Manual work includes lifting and carrying heavy things, shoveling materials, picking up trash and other garbage, and putting up signs.


  • To guarantee that projects are done correctly, it is necessary to be able to adhere to all safety standards and procedures and to communicate effectively with coworkers and superiors.
  • It is necessary to have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills.
  • With the assistance of others, move at least 30 pounds and up to 150 pounds.
  • Working multiple shifts (days, nights) and working long hours during the summer months (70+ hours a week and nights during the summer months) will need flexibility.
  • For this position, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED, in addition to two (2) years of experience and/or training in concrete or brickwork. You may also use any other relevant training and expertise to get the task done.

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Job Categories: Concrete Finisher. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 24 days.

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