26 May 2023

Full-Time Decedent Affairs Coordinator – Office of the Medical Examiner – Bani Hasan

Maricopa County – Posted by JobsTeam Bani Hasan, Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

A Medical Examiner is responsible for performing examinations and autopsies under general direction, as well as analyzing and interpreting investigation data, signing official documents, testifying in court proceedings, photographing physical evidence, providing medical information on the deceased, and other duties as needed.

Job Title : Decedent Affairs Coordinator – Office of the Medical Examiner
Location : Bani Hasan, Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 32.92 per hour.
Company : Maricopa County
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Case documents, including reports, diagrams and charts, as well as photos and video recordings, are assembled by the incumbent to document the reason and manner of the death. During the evening and night shifts, the incumbent is responsible for investigating and responding to incidents, as well as determining jurisdiction. There are times when the incumbent is called upon to testify in federal and state courts around the country. Chief or Deputy Chief Medical Examiner designates special projects to be handled by the Medical Examiner’s Office. Anti-infective measures are put in place and monitored.
  • There are several pathology conferences he goes to, including the Neurophysiology Conference, Case Consensus Meeting, and Toxicological Rounds. Among other things, neurophysiology instructs medical students and residents on how to do operations like examining brains and spinal cords. Additional educational programs are planned and delivered by the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner/Medical Director and his or her staff with the assistance of this person. As a member of the field of forensic pathology, this person has the opportunity to present and teach on relevant topics.
  • Maintain and improve your knowledge and skills by attending continuing education seminars, training programs, and the right courses.
  • Medical information is given to law enforcement, lawyers, judges, the relatives of the dead, the news media, the District Attorney’s Office, and the general public.
  • The person in this position is responsible for answering regular inquiries and complaints, investigating concerns and initiating solutions, as well as directing them to the appropriate staff members who can address them.
  • Confers with the doctor of the person who died to find out about their medical, psychological, or psychiatric history; obtains medical and dental records of the person who died; investigates reports from outside agencies; and helps the Forensic Pathologists identify the person who died.
  • In order to determine how and why someone died, investigators gather evidence at the scene of the crime or death, including medical history, medication usage and mental state at the time of death, as well as weapons and other items. They also take photos and videos of the scene and speak with friends, family and other people who may have seen what happened.
  • All death investigations must be promptly and accurately documented in a computerized web-based records management system according to a predetermined format.
  • To help with all forensic criminal and civil cases in the County, as well as for any other forensic needs.
  • Prepares complete case reports and records, as well as investigation summaries and subpoenas for police reports and medical documents, if necessary.


  • Detailed understanding of the techniques, methods, and processes used in the processing and production of evidence in order to maintain chain of custody control
  • Learning to perform a medical/dental exam, as well as a grasp of trauma’s effects, natural illnesses, and how to undertake forensic external examinations are all crucial skills to have.
  • At least 1,000 hours of verified work experience in the field of study is necessary for an associate’s degree in biology or medical science, para-medicine, or a closely related branch of study Experience in the field is a must.
  • Self-assurance is shown by completing assigned duties with little supervision.
  • The Department of Professional Regulations requires a valid license to practice medicine in the state at the time of employment.

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Job Categories: Medical Examiner. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 18 days.

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