26 May 2023

Full-Time Decedent Affairs Coordinator – Office of the Medical Examiner – Tabuk

Denver Int’l. Airport – Posted by JobsTeam Tabuk, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

This role assists in the investigation of suspicious, unnatural, or violent deaths; serves as a liaison between the State Medical Examiner’s Office and county medical examiner offices; and does related activities as required.

Job Title : Decedent Affairs Coordinator – Office of the Medical Examiner
Location : Tabuk, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 33.32 per hour.
Company : Denver Int’l. Airport
Job Type : Full-Time


  • In this job, you talk with a dead person’s doctor to find out about their past health or mental history. You also get medical and dental records of the person, look into reports from outside agencies, and help the Forensic Pathologists identify them.
  • addresses regular questions and complaints, examines difficulties and initiates problem-solving, as well as directing complaints and problems to the proper staff members for resolution.
  • Completely documents and organizes all investigation material; creates complete case reports and records; develops investigative summaries; and subpoenas police reports and medical records as necessary.
  • Educational opportunities like continuing education seminars, training programs, and the right courses can help you stay up to date on new things in your field.
  • inquiry into any and all forensic criminal and civil procedures related to the cases being investigated and any other forensic requests that may arise in the county, about the credentials of expert witnesses
  • Incumbent assembles case materials, which may include all reports, diagrams, charts, and pictures, as well as evidence and confirmation documents, in order to establish the cause and manner of the death. The incumbent deals with cases that come in during the evening and night hours, makes judgments on jurisdiction, and attends to death scenes as required on a rotating basis, according to the schedule. The incumbent offers testimony in United States District and Federal Courts, as well as Circuit Courts in surrounding jurisdictions, if required. Special tasks assigned by the Chief or Deputy Chief Medical Examiner are handled by this office. Infectious disease control and monitoring are implemented.
  • All death investigations must be promptly and accurately documented in a computerized web-based records management system according to a predetermined format.
  • Investigators collect evidence at the site of the crime or death, such as medical history, medication use, and mental condition at the time of death, as well as weapons and other things, in order to identify how and why someone died. Photos and videos of the site are taken, as well as interviews with anybody who may have seen the incident.
  • Police departments, attorneys, judges, other medical professionals, relatives of deceased people who have passed away, the news media, the District Attorney’s Office, and the general public can all get medical information from this group.
  • Neurophysiology Conference, Case Consensus Meeting, and Toxicology Rounds are some of the pathology conferences he goes to. Forensic neurophysiology is a field that teaches residents and medical students how to do things like look at brains and spinal cords. This person also helps with the design and delivery of other educational programs that the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner/Medical Director comes up with. Related lectures, presentations, and forensic pathology symposium and conferences are given by this person.


  • thorough understanding of the methods and processes involved in the collection, processing, and production of evidence
  • A great degree of initiative, effort, attention to detail, and devotion is seen in the work they do.
  • Familiarity with medical/dental diagnostic methods as well as knowledge of natural illnesses and forensic external investigations; understanding trauma’s origins;
  • At least 1,000 hours of verified work experience in the field of study is necessary for an associate’s degree in biology or medical science, para-medicine, or a closely related branch of study Experience in the field is a must.
  • The Department of Professional Regulations mandates that all candidates seeking medical licenses have them. ‘

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Job Categories: Medical Examiner. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 23 days.

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