19 Mar 2023

Full-Time Industrial Hygienist – Najran

Colden Corporation – Posted by JobsTeam Najran, Najran, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

We’re seeking for an industrial hygienist. Working under defined processes and rules, the Industrial Hygienist assists in day-to-day Industrial Hygiene operations and ensures the health and safety of employees by collecting and analyzing Industrial Hygiene samples.

Job Title : Industrial Hygienist
Location : Najran, Najran, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 40.43 per hour.
Company : Colden Corporation
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Supervision of comprehensive exposure evaluations, industrial hygiene surveys/analyses, and the creation of industrial hygiene reports.
  • Assemble and install laboratory interfaces, choose and calibrate analytic methods, execute effective sample preparation strategies, then analyze the acquired data.
  • Convene with senior management and project executives, armed with the most recent information on industrial hygiene laws, federal and state regulations and local ordinances and regulations.
  • Providing support for client public health crises comprises checking specified workplaces to verify prescribed risk reduction measures are in place and providing updated data defining the condition of the workplaces, detailing procedures supplied, and emphasizing important risks or trends.
  • Gather information on the demographics of employees, procedures, possible hazards, and mitigation techniques for industrial and administrative settings in order to create hazard classifications.
  • Prepare a strategy for and carry out a ventilation assessment, which involves equipment selection and calibration, as well as performance measurement, data analysis, and comparison with suitable standards.
  • To conduct thorough, expert evaluations of safety and health concerns in order to remove or regulate hazardous physical situations, operational methods, or other variables that represent an unwarranted danger to human health and safety. Write out detailed reports of your findings and provide recommendations for/coordinate remedial steps.
  • Employees must be educated on the importance of incident prevention and environmental compliance via various means of communication.
  • Toxicological and safety data for chemicals used in Tesla’s labs should be looked at. Then, make recommendations for how to control and measure exposures.
  • whole quality attributes are shown in their participation in the IDEA/PACE programs, which include the submission of total quality improvement proposals. Quality in every facet of life.


  • Applicants must have two years of relevant work experience and a bachelor’s degree in one of the technical areas mentioned below in addition to their qualifications. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Hygiene or a closely related physical or biological science such as engineering, chemistry, biology, environmental or occupational health to be considered for this position.
  • The capacity to communicate sophisticated technical understanding of occupational safety and health standards and standard concepts, techniques, principles, and processes. The ability to recognize practical understanding of contemporary workplace safety and health procedures and applications.
  • Comprehensive understanding of medical surveillance and associated programs, such as medical clearance for respirator use, audiometry, and substance-specific testing procedures.
  • The ability to communicate well in both written and spoken form, as well as a demonstrated track record of delivering outstanding client presentations and providing written reports
  • Working knowledge of BMBL, OSHA, and other pertinent rules and regulations to ensure compliance.

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Job Categories: Industrial Hygienist. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 20 days.

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