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18 Feb 2023

Full-Time Legal Clerk – Tanomah

Commodity Futures Trading Commission – Posted by JobsTeam Tanomah, Aseer, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

The Law Clerk handles administrative activities for an attorney or a group of lawyers, such as creating and revising legal papers, legal task management, and regular contact with clients and regulatory bodies.

Job Title : Legal Clerk
Location : Tanomah, Aseer, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 25.14 per hour.
Company : Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Make a concerted effort to identify and capitalize on commercial prospects that are relevant to the legal industry, and then design and implement appropriate features and functionality on the website.
  • Reviewing pretrial briefs and other submissions for completeness; summarizing information presented, identifying pertinent issues and other noteworthy elements; conducting research into precedential and related cases, laws, and opinions; summarizing such findings, including likely outcome based on information available, and submitting such information to assigned judge; preparing multiple summaries for all judges involved in en banc panel (or argument court) cases.
  • Be willing to travel as the principle requires, including helping with client engagements, presentations, and similar events.
  • Assisting in the creation of legal documents and their integration into the company’s operations are all part of the letter-writing duties.
  • Assess legal arguments and authority provided by litigants and attorneys, using discretion and judgment to determine the issues involved and anticipating additional issues not raised by the parties; conduct legal research to determine the validity and correctness of these arguments and authority; and prepare legal briefs.
  • Writing legal opinions for judges, law clerks rely on their independent judgment to do research and utilize the findings to write a suggested opinion for the judge to explain to the litigants the court’s decision and reasoning, based on that study.
  • Use the talents, knowledge, and physical abilities listed above in any extra job tasks that demand them.
  • Discusses cases with the judge, ensuring that all salient points raised and related issues of law are taken into consideration; expresses opinion and ensures that the judge’s viewpoint and intention are understood; drafts opinions and orders for cases, including both civil and criminal, sentencing decisions, and related matters; ensures proper citation of applicable statutory and precedential guidelines; responds to the judge’s questions about citations, intent, and other elements of such drafts; receives final approval of opinions and orders.
  • Compiles, organizes, and indexes a variety of evidential exhibits to prepare presentations for court hearings.
  • Ascertain the need for further proof or information before developing a plan to get it.


  • An employee’s ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with members of the public, other departments, and colleagues is critical.
  • Without exception, a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree from an approved legal school at the time of enrollment or graduation is required.
  • cooperation with colleagues, submission to authorities, and politeness towards others in the workplace and in public
  • Ability to write opinions, memos, and other legal papers that address pertinent topics, reference law and precedent, and express judicial viewpoints are all examples of legal writing skills
  • Understanding of the legislation, rules, structure, and operations of the civil and criminal systems as they apply to the Court of Common Pleas.

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Job Categories: Law Clerk. Job Types: Full-Time.

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