18 Mar 2023

Full-Time Quantitative Scientist, Syndicated Technologies – Medina

Citizen – Posted by JobsTeam Medina, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

We are looking for people that are clever, inquisitive, and technically competent to join our cutting-edge data science team. We employ the finest and brightest and provide them with the chance to work on cutting-edge technology. In this job, you will be able to provide new ideas and solutions that will increase our capacity to target the correct audience, extract insights, and give superior measuring methods for marketing campaigns. To fuel your ideas, you’ll have access to our core data asset and machine learning infrastructure.

Job Title : Quantitative Scientist, Syndicated Technologies
Location : Medina, Medina, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 44.78 per hour.
Company : Citizen
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Excellent time management and independence abilities. Prioritizes daily duties and procedures and is capable of multitasking. Completes departmental and individual goals on time and with excellent results.
  • Model results should be interpreted and summarized. Aids in the understanding of complex business reports. Do a variety of what-if situations. Procedures and exceptions deemed unacceptable are uncovered. Accurately predicts future problems based on current trend estimations Analyzes financial and statistical information.
  • Proficient in using huge data sets to identify possibilities for product and process improvement and models to evaluate the efficacy of alternative courses of action, with a demonstrated ability to achieve business outcomes via database insights.
  • Transforms current knowledge into performance-boosting continuous improvement initiatives. Collects and analyzes data on present and future best practice trends and trends. Seek details about organizational and process concerns affecting growth.
  • Deep dig into the issues utilizing SQL and scripting languages such as R, Python, and internal dashboards, and drive both quick and long term solutions. Analyze data (previous customer behavior, sales inputs, and other sources) to identify patterns, and provide reports including clear suggestions.
  • Identifies and implements continuous improvement possibilities. Encourages cautious risk-taking, alternative strategy discovery, and organizational learning. Through acts and words, demonstrates a personal commitment to change. Encourages people to embrace change in the face of stress and uncertainty.
  • It is able to discover and operationalize the underlying structure and relationships of the data using supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches. This is possible to do. It is not difficult to achieve this objective.
  • Manage your own process, focusing on identifying and carrying out high-impact initiatives, prioritizing requests from outside parties, and ensuring that projects are completed in a timely manner so that the outcomes may be put to good use.
  • You’ll also come up with new product growth ideas based on data and develop momentum via influence. You must blend critical thinking with hands-on analysis utilizing SQL, R, Python, Tableau, etc.
  • Data analysis helps the development team suggest new ideas. Use statistical and machine learning approaches to tackle specific business problems. An entrepreneurial organization with several teams and customers works swiftly.


  • Two years of relevant work experience is required for a Master’s degree in Statistics (or a related quantitative field). Expertise in prediction modeling, large data analysis, exploratory examination of data, and machine learning.
  • Influence and motivation are essential skills in this position, which need high levels of diplomacy and trust. One of the most crucial aspects of this role is the ability to work well with others, both within and outside. In many jobs, you’ll interact with people from other departments and divisions, and you’ll be expected to spend a lot of time discussing and resolving problems.
  • AI is growing stronger at information retrieval, machine comprehension, answering questions/conversational AI, reinforcement learning, knowledge graphs, causal inference, and experiment design.
  • Statistical programming languages for huge datasets (Python, R, etc.) Knowledge of D3.js, matplotlib, etc. is desirable. These strategies are useful.
  • An advanced degree in computer science or a related technological discipline and five years of relevant work experience are also acceptable qualifications.

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Job Categories: Data Scientist. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 23 days.

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