17 Mar 2023


Allied, Empire State Bus, Empire Charter – Posted by JobsTeam AlBarak, Aseer, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

A School Bus Driver provides safe, polite, and timely transportation for all kids between their homes and schools. Maintains a safe and clean environment when transporting pupils in line with state legislation and department of education standards.

Location : AlBarak, Aseer, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 29.02 per hour.
Company : Allied, Empire State Bus, Empire Charter
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Safely drive a vehicle on an assigned route to carry people to and from defined places, as well as perform associated operations in a timely and safe way.
  • Your supervisor will instruct you to hand over the keys to the vehicle, the receipts for the gasoline, and the paperwork from the pre- and post-trip phases of the journey to dispatch.
  • Maintain a professional look, which includes being dressed in accordance with business standards, well groomed, and adhering to excellent hygiene practices.
  • Always attempt to increase the firm’s goodwill by collaborating with employees, managers, and other passengers as needed.
  • Using safe and responsible practices, operate an adapted transportation lift to board and release challenged persons.
  • Conduct complete pre-trip and post-trip checks of the vehicle and its specific equipment, and provide administration with all necessary paperwork.
  • Prior to each journey, do a thorough vehicle inspection according to established protocols, and document your findings in the appropriate forms and reports. Operate and stop the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner to enable people to board and exit.
  • Maintain, read and understand route sheets including time changes and notify supervisor immediately of any changes. Maintain good work habits through timeliness and low absenteeism for daily assignments and extra trips.
  • Always keep the allocated bus spotless and hygienic by sweeping, wiping down the seats and the top, and even washing it when necessary.
  • To maintain safety, reduce wear, and prolong the vehicle’s useful life, properly care for the assigned vehicle and its component components as required by the firm.


  • This role necessitates a person with excellent interpersonal skills, flexibility, and the ability to fill in when needed.
  • At the very least, you’ll need three years of driving under your belt. Two moving offenses and one avoidable accident occurred in the previous three years.
  • Passenger and School Bus endorsements must be on a commercial driver’s license that is valid for at least two years.
  • Lift, store, and disassemble/assemble wheelchairs and/or other ambulatory equipment needed by the passenger weighing up to 40 pounds.
  • Prior to boarding or disembarking students from some school buses, drivers must compress an air brake or step on the emergency brake pedal in order to disengage that safety feature.

How to Apply

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Job Categories: School Bus Driver. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 22 days.

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