19 Mar 2023

Full-Time Veterinarian – Sarat Abidah

Southern Veterinary Partners – Posted by JobsTeam Sarat Abidah, Aseer, Saudi Arabia

Job Description

To join our team, we are looking for a seasoned veterinarian. The Veterinarian is responsible for providing and managing high-quality health and medical services to ensure the well-being of the entire animal collection. This includes, but is not limited to, diagnosing and treating illness and injuries, maintaining a preventive medical program, adhering to quarantine protocols, caring for sick or injured animals, performing post-mortem examinations, running a full-service clinic, and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory agencies.

Job Title : Veterinarian
Location : Sarat Abidah, Aseer, Saudi Arabia
Salary : $ 44.34 per hour.
Company : Southern Veterinary Partners
Job Type : Full-Time


  • Maintains client/patient medical/surgical records and ensures that all required logs are kept up-to-date in accordance with approved protocols.
  • In a fast-paced shelter environment, provides high-quality sterilization surgery for adopted animal population management. Triage, physical exams, emergency medical care, stabilization, diagnosis and treatment of unwell and injured animals, minor surgery, immunizations, and testing are all examples of routine veterinarian care.
  • Performs physical examinations, diagnostic procedures, surgical, and dental operations successfully. Clients are informed about pet diagnosis, treatment programs, preventive health care, and nutritional requirements.
  • Vaccinates all animals not currently vaccinated against rabies prior to release where vaccination is suitable, and certifies all animals released from quarantine observation as rabies-free. Victims of animal bites are given advice on how to protect themselves and the proper procedures to follow.
  • Ability to access and control euthanasia drugs and equipment, as well as ensure that supplies and equipment are used properly in line with all applicable state and federal regulations and laws. Ability to keep up with current trends and advancements in the animal sheltering area.
  • Ability to gather animal data from employees, enter dispositions into a computer, and produce monthly and weekly reports in accordance with established procedures.
  • In order to develop partnerships, gathers detailed information from clients and listens to and understands their concerns and needs.
  • Writes and follows medical treatment protocols. Ability to interpret animal-control ordinances, legislation, rules, and regulations, as well as city policies. Capacity to respond to questions from the public and city leaders; Assist in the effective and expedient settlement of issues.
  • Employees receive training in animal husbandry, ethical animal handling, cleanliness, and disease prevention, basic animal behavior, medical treatment, surgical assistance (intake and discharge), and animal first aid. Assists in animal euthanasia via injection training, evaluation, and execution. Examines the seized animals and directs that those that are sick or injured be put down.
  • To acquire AAALAC certification, the laboratory animal care and use program must be established and maintained.


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Veterinary Medical Doctor (VMD), or similar degree from an AVMA-accredited veterinary medicine college
  • If you’re dealing with ultra-potent opioids, you’ll require a federal DEA license and a controlled substance registration.
  • Communication skills are important.
  • MedARKs, ZIMS, and other medical record-keeping systems are all things you should know about.
  • Must be able to work in a collaborative setting while still being able to do projects on their own.

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Job Categories: Veterinarian. Job Types: Full-Time.

Job expires in 19 days.

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